Sugar Lab Bakeshop

The Sugar Lab Bakeshop


rebrand project, business cards, fliers, gift certificate, banner, t-shirt design

about the project:

I met Ali of The Sugar Lab Bakeshop of Ventura, California, in college. It is yet one of many examples in my life that being in a sorority is networking for life. They always tell you that, and it still sounds kitchy and cliché’d, but it’s true to the core as Ali was one of my sorority sisters. She established her business in Ventura, California and after a couple years of finding success plugging away under a logo and look she was dissatisfied with, she reached out to our mutual network and another sister recommended me. I had originally worked with her a year prior simply for a chalkboard piece, as she knew I did that and really wanted one for her shop, so it was an easy and natural progression for her to hire me for design work. She really gave me quite a bit of free rein with this project, and I know we came up with something clean, elegant, and classic that we are both pleased with. So much so that I continue to do projects for her! I’ve done ads, brochures, her full branding project, and her logo was the first one I designed to go up in lights…on the outside of her building in Ventura. It was a very exciting moment for both of us.