Bend Ultimate

Bend Ultimate


logo for the 2017 gandy goose ultimate tournament hosted by bend ultimate

about the project:

Designing ultimate logos is a personal project for me that goes back to my high school days. I hand-drew logos back then for our club team, in college and digitally and hand-produced two different pieces for my college team, and so when I had the opportunity to create the logo for the annual Gandy Goose Ultimate Tournament held in Bend, OR in 2017, I jumped on it. A long-time, active participant in the sport, I love being able to bring my creative skill to bear on a project like this.

The theme of the tournament this year was “Gandy’s Got Talent” based upon the popular reality TV show “America’s Got Talent.” We wanted to infuse the flavor of both ‘Merica and the reality show into this particular image, while bringing it circling back to ultimate. Everyone was pleased with the end result that ended up on discs, hats, and printed collateral.