graphic design process

My graphic design process depends upon the client at hand. I always like to meet my client, get a feel for the space or business they’re branding or needing graphic work done for, and absorb the “essence” of what we’re looking for in the end result.

Depending upon the focus of the client and the overall vision, I either begin in the “raw” on paper, or I produce quick mockups digitally. I produce 3-10 quick logos, again depending upon the client and their vision and how defined it is, and provide them. I always recommend the client take time with this step and if elements of one piece are liked but not the whole, we can combine them with others!

From there, I move into the refining process based upon client feedback. This can take two iterations or ten, it depends upon the client, the business, and the end goal. Some clients need one single logo that brands everything, but more often, clients need a logo with a few different variations to accommodate different needs: such as stickers, stamps, brochures, websites, packaging, advertising, signage, etc.

I always recommend that clients enter into this process with as open a mind as possible. In my experience, a too narrow of a focus on to one particular “style” will entrap your business in a very clear “era” of design. Let us work together to create a timeless, classic logo that will withstand the test of time and move with your business as it grows and changes.